Meet Your Goals

BI Solutions’ Performance Management (PM) practice can help you create, track and improve upon the key measures that drive your organization’s success. PM solutions can be rapidly implemented as a layer over an existing data warehouse orwoman-light-finger400 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Metrics stored on spreadsheets can also be extracted into a “metric store” that can be represented within our toolset of choice, Cognos Metric Studio.

If you have yet to begin formulating metrics, we can help you navigate the challenging process of accurately defining measures that drive success within your organization.  Once you determine what to measure, we can help you implement a metric collection and storage strategy.  We can also create a variety of high-impact dashboards and scorecards that provide daily visualizations of where your company stands in relation to its goals.

The ultimate level of PM is realized when organizations are able to tie individual employee performance to performance metrics.  Creating a tight integration between employees and your corporate metrics can empower everyone in the organization to know what they need to do to succeed.  Wherever you are on the PM continuum, we have the wisdom, the knowledge and the vision to take your PM solution to the next level.