Our Philosophy

data-400Why choose BI Solutions?

BI Solutions distinguishes itself from others by focusing on a specialized segment of software integration and development. With over a decade of delivering Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to our customers, we excel at the design and implementation of business intelligence and data warehouse applications. Our attention to these core competencies makes us a compelling option for your next project. Whether you are looking for specialized staff augmentation or you need to engineer an end-to-end enterprise wide reporting solution, we have the personnel and experience, expertise and commitment to make your next project a success on-time and within budget.

The Prove It Initiative

We understand that many consultancies’ promises just don’t match their final deliverables.  In response to this unfortunate reality, we have instituted a “Prove it” initiative.  After an initial on-site visit we will assess your needs, return to our corporate offices and tailor a demonstration proposal intended to prove our capabilities.  If this proposal is agreeable to you, for a nominal fee we will utilize our own personnel, hardware and software environment to develop a proof of concept (POC).

The intent of the POC is to share with you our vision of what is possible in your environment, using sample customer data when possible.  Our goal is to provide a comfort level with our capabilities and we believe that the best way to do that is to actually show you what we can do.

If the vision we formulate is compelling enough, we can negotiate a longer term commitment to your firm.  If it isn’t, we are happy to share our source code with you and part ways amicably.

In a world full of false promises, we will earn your trust.  We will “Prove it”.