BI Solutions, Inc.’s New Owners Continue Efforts to Advance
Data-driven Analytics and End Data Anarchy Everywhere

After nearly 16 years at the helm of BI Solutions, Inc. Erica Bryce will step down on October 31, 2019 as President of BI Solutions in order to focus on real estate interests.

Long-time employees, Teresa Lanza and Scott Armentrout, have purchased the company.  Ms. Lanza, formerly the Director of Operations, will be the majority owner and assume the role of President. Mr. Armentrout, formerly the Director of Business Intelligence, will continue to be the company’s technical lead.

Press Release 10/29/2019


LOGCELL Team Receives DOD Award for Supply Chain Excellence

BI Solutions, Inc. LOGCELL team members Scott Armentrout, Kevin Donnelly, and Brian Parsons were honored to receive the 2018 DoD Award for Supply Chain Excellence. The purpose of LOGCELL was to improve operational readiness and the significant improvements that were accomplished are evidence of the team’s success.  Some of LOGCELL’s accomplishments include a 25 percent reduction of back-orders for repair parts, a 57 percent reduction in consumable part back-orders and a 62 percent reduction in the average number of back-orders per fielded aircraft. Additionally, the team was responsible for retail outfitting savings in excess of $114 million.


BI Solutions Celebrates 15 Years of Service

BI Solutions, Inc. (BISI) has reached a milestone this month, celebrating 15 years of business.  One of the many highlights of BI Solutions’ past 15 years occurred in August when BISI staff traveled to the Pentagon to be presented with The Admiral Stanley R. Arthur Award by Vice Admiral Smith.  This national award recognized excellence in BI Solutions’ work with the US Navy in logistics planning and execution on the LOGCELL (Logistics Cell) project which transformed the Navy’s supply chain reporting.

Press Release 1-22-2018


Admiral Stanley R. Arthur Award for Logistics Excellence

BI Solutions, Inc is honored to receive the 2016 Admiral Stanley R. Arthur Award for Logistics Excellence as a member of the Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support P-8A Logistics Cell (LOGCELL) team. The Admiral Stanley R. Arthur Award is a national award presented annually to recognize military and civilian logisticians who epitomize excellence in logistics planning and execution.  BI Solutions is the prime contractor of the LOGCELL project, which supports the P-8A Poseidon, the Navy’s maritime, patrol and reconnaissance aircraft. The award was presented to BI Solutions by Vice Admiral D.R. Smith during a ceremony at the Pentagon on August 14, 2017

Press Release 8-15-2017